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SEEING DAYLIGHT, book seven in the inspirational series, Hearts Crossing Ranch. Attorney and single mom Rachel Martin pushes away rancher-real estate developer Brayton Metcalf when guilt overcomes her.

OUTLAW IN LOVE, book three in the Lawmen and Outlaws series. Outlaw Ahab Perkins turns sweet and redeemed and all for Teresa Avila. Except he believes her to be a nun.

HER HURRY-UP HUSBAND, my story in the anthology Lassoing a Mail-Order Bride, sees socialite Elspeth needing a husband for just one month. But aching to be tied to rancher Hezekiah Steller for ever and ever amen.
Other Recent Releases
My first inspirational              A female judge disguised          Outlaw girl suvrives her           Christmas relieves the pain
historical!                              as a man falls for handsome      own hanging and hides                of a couple in mourning.
                                            lawman.                                  out as a nun. 
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